Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014 NFL Draft Team Grades: Tennessee Titans

11th Overall Pick: Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan

This is a very interesting pick. Lewan provides great value here at the 11th overall selection, but not at a position of need. After signing Oher, the Titans looked set at tackle with multiple players under contract. This is a luxury pick, but not really one the Titans could afford to take. The Titans will probably moving a tackle soon, so Lewan will be a minor immediate upgrade at best, but at least a long term solution. However, the Titans were supposed to compete this year, and this pick doesn't really help with that.


2nd Round: Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington

Finally a running back comes off the board. However, I'm shocked that it's Sankey. Hyde was the consensus top running back in the class, and Jeremy Hill's name was tightly connected to Tennessee for weeks now. Tennessee obviously had a glaring need at running back after cutting Johnson, but I think they made the wrong choice here. If Sankey was the guy they wanted they could have taken him in the third round. At least they traded back in the second round before grabbing him. 


4th Round: DaQuan Jones, DT/NT, Penn State

Despite being drafted in the fourth round, Jones could easily start day one for Tennessee. They didn't have a nose tackle for their new 3-4 defense, so Jones is really the best option. Jones could have definitely gone a round earlier, so this is solid value as well. 


4th Round: Marqueston Huff, S/CB, Wyoming

I think this is a tad bit early for Huff, but it's barely a reach. Tennessee certainly needed some secondary depth, but they really need new pieces for the outside of their 3-4 defense much more. They have to address this eventually.


5th Round: Avery Williamson, ILB, Kentucky

At least they are addressing the front seven on this pick, but they need a pass rusher more and there were much better inside linebackers available here. This is a pretty big reach for a guy who I expected to go in the seventh round.


6th Round: Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU

Zach Mettenberger could have easily gone on the second day of the draft without much protest, so grabbing him in round six is amazing value. However, between a torn ACL and character concerns, its not too surprising that he fell. If he can get over these things, he's certainly a candidate to be a future starter for the Titans, so this is an amazing pick because of that potential.


I'm really not a fan of Tennessee's draft class. Their first round pick was a major luxury selection, and they reached with the majority of their picks after this. They had two great value picks in Jones and Mettenberger, but I think they could have done much better with their other selections. The fact that they neglected to find a pass rusher is extremely puzzling considering the depth at the position in this draft. They could have found a falling pass rusher in the later rounds instead of reaching for a player at a lesser need.


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