Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 NFL Draft First Round Grades: Philadelphia Eagles

26th Overall Pick: Marcus Smith, DE/OLB, Louisville

Marcus Smith's draft stock was rising quickly leading up to draft day, and I had him in round two in my last mock. But a first round selection? I don't think so. I had him ranked slightly behind Dee Ford in my rankings, and I thought that was a major reach as well. This does fill a need, but I didn't see nearly enough from Smith this year to make him a first round pick. At least they traded back and picked up a late third rounder before they took him.


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  1. The Eagles definitely need a pass rush which they do not have.Smith at 252 lbs will need to bulk up unless he will be turned into a linebacker!. I see the Eagles as a team with slightly above average skills and this addition probably will not change that dynamic. If Marcus can get a few sacks this year then the Eagles could at least do as well as last year but I am still wondering about DeSean Jackson effect and the decision to let him go. best bill!.


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