Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 NFL Teem Needs: Atlanta Falcons

1. Pass Rusher: Osi preformed better than I expected, but I wouldn't expect him to duplicate that play next season. It will be hard to pass up a player like Clowney or Barr in round one.

2. Offensive Tackle: Potentially two if the Falcons cut ties with Baker after his terrible season. I don't think they will since he just signed a big contract, but there are rumors that it is a possibility. Even if he stays, they need to bring in a right tackle or a left tackle to push Baker to the right side.

3. Defensive Tackle: Babineaux is getting older, but he still gets the job done. The Falcons should bring him back. However, they need a starter to pair with him even if he does get re-signed. I don't expect them to offer Peters a new contract.

4. Guard: I'm listing offensive tackle as a bigger need because tackles are valued more in the league, but guard is just as big of a need. This entire offensive line is a problem.

5. Linebacker: Worrilow was a shocking find at linebacker, but another piece still needs to be added to the group.

6. Tight End: Tony Gonzalez looks like he is actually retiring this time, so they need someone else to start at tight end. It will be nearly impossible to replace that kind of production.

7. Center: The Seahawks still haven't found a replacement for McClure. Perhaps they will let Peter Konz have another chance at center.

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  1. Dude... Check #7... Which team are you talking about???


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