Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 NFL Team Needs: Washington Redskins

1. Cornerback: Both starting corners for the Redskins are free agents, but Hall and Wilson can both stand to be upgraded. They were abused many times this season.

2. Inside Linebacker: Fletcher has retired while Riley is a free agent. Riley had a down year, but he should still be re-signed. However, an upgrade is needed next to him while he can be upgraded as well.

3. Wide Receiver: Garcon has developed into a great #1 receiver, but a stable number two target needs to be brought in across from him. They need to help RGIII progress at any cost.

4. Defensive End / Defensive Tackle: When the secondary wasn't being abused, team were running all over the Redskins. The defensive line got pushed around every game, so some bigger bodies need to be brought in to stuff the run.

5. Safety: The safeties preformed a lot better than I thought they would this season, but they were still extremely mediocre. Every position can be upgraded, but it isn't the biggest priority with so many other needs. They are really hoping Rambo can develop into a solid starter.

6. Outside Linebacker: I'm only putting this as a need right now because they absolutely have to bring back Orakpo. If he leaves in free agency, this becomes a major need.

7. Punter: Rocca was statistically the worst punter in the NFL this past season.

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