Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 NFL Team Needs: Oakland Raiders

1. Quarterback: The Raiders were able to get a lot more out of Pryor and McGloin than anyone thought they would, but they still need a true franchise quarterback. It will be hard for them to pass up a quarterback with the fifth pick, but they could also try to grab one in the second round where someone like Tajh Boyd may be available. 

2. Wide Receiver: The Raiders have a group of receivers that have all had their moments, but can't be trusted as a top target. Sammy Watkins will be hard to resist in round one, especially if the top 3 quarterbacks are off the board

3. Defensive End: Houston is a free agent who has to be brought back, but this is still a top need even if he is retained. You need more than one player to generate a pass rush.

4. Running Back: Jennings and McFadden are both free agents, and I wouldn't be surprised if neither are brought back. They are both inconsistent and injury prone.

5. Cornerback: Oakland already invested a first round pick last year at cornerback, but Hayden has predictably struggled. The entire position is still a mess.

6. Defensive Tackle: They have some halfway decent run stuffers up the middle, but they can both be upgraded as neither offers anything as a pass rusher.

7. Safety: I expect Charles Woodson to retire after his one year return to Oakland, so a starter across from Branch needs to be brought it.

8. Guard: Lucas Nix is statistically one of the worst guards in the NFL, so they need to upgrade him as soon as possible. I wouldn't trust him as a backup even.

9. Offensive Tackle: Veldheer is one of the most underrated tackles in the league, but he's coming off a major injury. The Raiders might be able to get him back for a cheap price, but they may also let him walk due to injury concerns.

10: Middle Linebacker: Nick Roach was a liability this past season, but they may give him another chance due to the plethora of needs they have that are much more pressing.

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