Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 NFL Team Needs: Tennessee Titans

1. Defensive End: The Titans pass rush was pretty pathetic this season. Wimbley has proven to be a free agent bust. There will be plenty of top tier pass rushers available in the first few rounds in May.

2. Running Back: Chris Johnson has been mediocre at best ever since his big contract extension a while back. It looks like he will be cut this off season due to his high cap number. His replacement will need to be found in the draft this season.

3. Middle Linebacker: McCarthy is a great talent, it's really a shame he can never stay on the field. The Titans have to accept that he can't be relied upon as a starter any longer. It's hurt them too many times.

4. Cornerback: Verner had the best season of his career, and is due for a big pay day. If the Titans are unwilling to cut a big check, finding his replacement will be a top priority.

5. Offensive Tackle: Stewart is a free agent while Roos has only one season left on his deal. Odds are, they will lose one of them. My guess is that they will let Stewart walk unless he comes back for dirt cheap. A young tackle should be added regardless.

6. Safety: Pollard is a free agent, and even if he's brought back Tenessee will still be very old at the position. Who knows how much Wilson and Pollard have left in the tank? Some youth should be found at safety.

7. Quarterback: I really thought Jake Locker was going to prove himself this season, but injuries prevented him from doing so. I thought he looked pretty good when healthy. I firmly believe he will prove himself as a solid starter next year assuming he can stay healthy. However, the Titans could still look to bring in a young player just in case.

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