Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 NFL Team Needs: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Quarterback: This has been a need for them for years. Think they might finally address it the right way this year? They'd be nuts to go anywhere but quarterback in round one unless they grab Clowney.

2. Running Back: I would be very surprised to see MJD back in a Jaguars uniform this season. He must be sick of the organization by now, and he's starting to slow down. I'd expect him to get a deal similar to Jackson last season. A new back should be brought in through the draft.

3. Defensive End: The Jaguars have the worst pass rush in the NFL, which makes the secondary look even worse than it is. Clowney will be tempting at 3 overall if he's available.

4. Center: Long time center Brad Meester has finally retired, so a replacement needs to brought in.

5. Guard: Rackley is widely considered one of the worst starting linemen in the NFL. Protecting the new quarterback and opening lanes for the new running back should be top priorities for the Jags.

6. Cornerback: Both current starters are under contract for next year, but both Hall and Blackmon are mediocre at very best. Maybe they would look a little better with a pass rush up front, but they could still be upgraded.

7. Outside Linebacker: Posluszny is one of the leagues best middle linebackers, but he has nothing on either side of him. At least one upgrade at outside linebacker needs to be brought in.

8. Safety: Cyprien started to show some promise in the second half of the season, but he needs a long term partner with him in the secondary.

9. Wide Receiver: It's really tough to grade the Jaguars receiving corps because they haven't had anyone to throw to them in years. Still, they're a little thin, especially since Blackmon tends to get suspended.

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