Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Week 3 Wrap Ups: Jets over Bills



GAME MVP: Jets Pass Rush

ANALYSIS: The Jets preformed well in this game, especially on defense, but it was Buffalo who lost the game more than the Jets winning it. E.J. Manuel was terrible every time the defense blitzed him. The Jets sacked him 8 times (7 different players) and knocked him down an astonishing 16 times. The Bills line just couldn't protect him. When Manuel did get the throw off, it was a high arcing lob at least 5 feet away from his intended target. He wasn't picked off, but it seemed like half of his passes were thrown well out of bounds. He looked like Blaine Gabbart out there and the Bills had no chance of winning based on his play. However, what really killed the Bills was cornerback Justin Rogers. He was consistently beaten on plays deep down field. When he didn't give up a 40+ yard catch he was flagged for interference. The Bills cornerback situation is going to be a serious problem if McKelvin misses any time. Geno Smith still did not look great out there throwing a few bad picks, but he had the benefit of being able to target Justin Rogers whenever he wished. The Bills defense really wasn't too bad aside from him, though it is troubling that the Bills didn't manage to get one sack on the rookie quarterback. Both of these teams look they still have a lot of work to do before they contend in the future.

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