Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Week 3 Wrap Ups: Browns over Vikings



GAME MVP: Brian Hoyer ( 321 yards, 3 touchdowns )

ANALYSIS: When the Browns traded away Trent Richardson, everyone (including myself), penciled them in for a loss this week and any week they didn't play the Jaguars. Little did we know the Brian Hoyer was actually the best quarterback on Cleveland's roster. He showed some obvious rust with those 3 interceptions, but commanded the offense down the field when it counted, including on the final drive. The Vikings defense has a ton of adjustments to make if they think they are going to compete for a playoff spot again this year. Despite how bad the defense looked, the biggest problem remains Christian Ponder. Adrian Peterson doesn't look like he's going to have a record breaking season, so that puts a lot more pressure on Ponder to prove he can be an NFL caliper quarterback. It doesn't look like he has what it takes right now. 

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