Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fantasy Outlooks: New York Jets


Steer clear of the New York Jets' quarterback situation. Mark Sanchez is, well, Mark Sanchez. Meanwhile, Geno Smith isn't doing anything to separate himself from Sanchez in the quarterback competition, and that is a very bad sign. He'll probably start at some point, but he doesn't project to preform very well in his rookie season. On top of all of that, he will surely be over drafted in most leagues.


The one position you might be able to get something out of in New York is the running back position. They don't have any stars, but they have a group with potential. Powell and McNight have both been fairly effective in the limited roles they've seen up to this point in their careers, and Chris Ivory has been spectacular when on the field in New Orleans. I know they also have Goodson too, but I doubt he'll win the starting job. Watch the Jets running backs closely in the pre-season, as the starter will likely be decided there.


The Jet receiving corps are awful. Hill still doesn't have enough experience, Holmes is a bum, and Kerley was only relevent last year because Sanchez had no one else to throw to. I wouldn't recommend anyone from this receiving group no matter who the quarterback is, so having Sanchez under center is just added reason to stay away.


Kellen Winslow was deemed too washed up by every team but the Jets. Sanchez had a great connection with Keller over the years, so there's a chance he will form a bit of a connection with Winslow as well. However, I wouldn't expect more than a game or two of any fantasy relevance.


The Jets are far from a shut down defense, but they have enough talent to be a decent fantasy start against certain teams. They are still capable of having some games with a lot of turnovers, and with Rex Ryan calling the defensive plays you can expect the sack numbers to go up this year.


Whoever ends up being the Jets' feature back has the most fantasy potential of anyone on the team. I believe that player will end up being Chris Ivory. They didn't play him much in New Orleans, but you could make the argument that he was the best pure running back on the team in his limited time on the field. I think he should be able to beat out the competition in New York and have a strong season. I'll certainly be trying to pick him up in the last few rounds of my fantasy drafts.


Geno Smith may be the first rookie quarterback taken in your league. He also probably won't even start for the first half of the season. As I said in the quarterback section, Geno Smith isn't doing anything to separate himself from Sanchez in the quarterback competition, and that is a very bad sign. I'm confident Geno will end up starting at some point, but only to please the fans. I wouldn't expect him to do much better this season than Sanchez. No one will draft Sanchez, so why would you draft Smith?

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