Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantasy Outlooks: Cincinnati Bengals


This is the year Andy Dalton needs to take a step forward or forever be an average NFL quarterback. Dalton is currently a decent spot starter and QB2, but definitely has the potential to be a serviceable QB1 this season at the very least. He's worth taking as a backup with potential at the very least.


The running back situation in Cinci is a bit confusing fantasy-wise. BGE had a terrible start last season, but was actually a very solid fantasy producer to close out the year. However, with the addition of Bernard, the starter is unclear in the Bengals offense. I wouldn't trust either of them just because we don't know who is getting the majority of the carries.


A.J. Green is a beast. Even with Dalton as an average quarterback, Green is proving to be one of the leagues best. If Dalton took a step forward this season, Green could potentially challenge Megatron as the top fantasy receiver this season. I'd be extremely comfortable with having Green as my number one receiver.


After adding Eifert in the first round of the draft, the Bengals now have a solid duo at tight end. However, I think the drafting of Eifert means Gresham will focus a bit more on blocking than he has in past years. If I have to have one Bengal tight end, I'd rather have Eifert. However, I wouldn't trust either of them just yet because we don't know how they will be utilized. The pre-season should give us a bit clearer picture.


Cinci has one of the most underrated fantasy defenses in all of football. I think this is the year they can be one of the top five fantasy defenses. They rack up tons of sacks and don't give up a lot of points. If they can start picking up a few more INTs they can be an elite fantasy defense. I still don't love their secondary, so I'd be weary of starting them against the elite quarterbacks. However, they should be a very safe start against most teams.


As I mentioned in the quarterback section, this is the put up or shut up year for Andy Dalton. Will Dalton rise to the occasion? Only time will tell. However, I think he certainly has the ability to. With some more weapons on the offense for him to work with, he's certainly in a good position to have a breakout year. Dalton is safe to be drafted as a QB2, but has some of the best breakout potential of any quarterback this season.


Both of Cincinnati's running backs are my potential busts, simpley because one will end up getting the majority of the carries, or they will evenly split which makes both of them mediocre fantasy wise. There is no scenario where both of them become solid fantasy starts, and they both be overdrafted in most leagues. I'd just leave these guys alone unless they drop far in your draft.

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