Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantasy Outlooks: Baltimore Ravens


Joe Flacco may be paid like one of the NFL's best, but you certainly don't want to draft him like one of the NFL's best in your fantasy league. Flacco is terribly inconsistent, and his already small group of weapons got even smaller this season. Flacco can be a decent QB2, and will definitely have some big games, but having him as your QB1 would be suicide many weeks.


Ray Rice is the complete opposite of Joe Flacco in terms of consistency. Rice isn't going to lead your league in scoring for the year, but he will give you a solid game week in and week out. With Flacco's group of weapons even smaller this year, Rice will continue to run the ball a lot and may get even more passes out of the backfield this season. He's a solid first round pick in any fantasy league. Don't forget completely about Bernard Pierce either. He gets his share of carries and would be an immediate RB1 if Rice ever came down with an injury.


Torrey Smith is like Flacco's twin in terms of consistency. Smith can easily go a game without one catch, while he is equally as likely to to catch two 70 yard bombs for touchdowns. Smith is worth owning because he has so much potential on every given week, but he can't be relied upon as a weekly starter. Aside from him there really isn't a Raven wideout worth drafting. Jacoby Jones may be worth a pick in the last few rounds if you are in serious need of receiver depth, but that's about it.


Dennis Pitta will certainly the player to watch in Baltimore this season. With Boldin gone, Pitta could easily become Flacco's go to guy. I'll be talking more about Pitta later.


The Ravens defense will be worth starting against the average team. They might have improved a bit from last year, but I wouldn't trust them against a powerful offense quite yet. Jacoby Jones' returning ability gives them an extra shot at a few extra points every week as well.


As I said in the Quarterback section, Joe Flacco may be paid like one of the NFL's best, but you certainly don't want to draft him like one of the NFL's best in your fantasy league. People will remember his tremendous run in last years' playoffs and draft him too high. There's no reason to give in to this hype.


As promised, it's time to talk a bit more about Dennis Pitta. He is one of my absolute favorite fantasy players coming into this season. With the tight end position very weak in this years' fantasy drafts, Dennis Pitta could be that hidden treasure in the mid to late rounds of the draft. He is currently the favorite to receive the most catches on the team with Boldin gone and with Smith continuing to be only a deep threat. Pitta could be the 10th tight end drafted in your league, and I fully expect him to produce like a top 5 or even top 3 tight end. Barring an injury to himself or Flacco, I think Pitta is poised for a breakout season.

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