Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Tennessee Titans

First Round: Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

This is a great pick for the Titans. Pairing Warmack with Levitre will give Tennessee the best guard combination in all of the NFL. CJ2K won't have any excuses anymore. The best part about this pick is that they got him after Cooper was taken, as Warmack is much better. Even if Tennessee wanted Cooper more, in a few years they'll be very glad they got the Alabama product instead. He's one of the best guard prospects I've seen in years; he certainly deserves a top 10 selection despite being a guard. However, I still can't give them an A+ because he is in fact a guard.


Second Round: Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

I think Hunter will end up being the top receiver from this class when all is said and done. They had to give up a little to move up for him, but it was well worth it. He and Wright will make a great duo on the outside. They also have other receiving talent to work with as well, including Britt, Washington, and Williams. Jake Locker is now in the best position possible to succeed; no more excuses.


Third Round: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut / Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri

Another pick I love for Tennessee. They probably would have taken Milliner if he was there for them in round one, but they got another great prospect in round three. I always thought he had first round talent, but saw him going in the mid second round. Picking him up in round three was a steal. Wreh-Wilson could be starting for Tennessee sooner than later, at least in nickel packages. This is also a good spot for Gooden, as many predicted he would sneak into the end of day two. I see him more as a fourth round prospect  but this certainly isn't much of a reach. He provides excellent depth for a talented but very thin linebacking group in Tennessee.


Fourth Round: Brian Schwenke, C/G, California

I love this selection as well. Schwenke could have easily gone in the third round, so picking him up on day three was a steal. He's a great backup to all the interior line positions, and could easily start. The interior of Tennessee's offensive line has suddenly become a big strength for them.


Fifth Round: Lavar Edwards, DE, LSU

Edwards is a sleeper prospect who will take some time to develop but has great skill. Unfortunately for him, he never got to display it a lot in LSU because he was stuck behind Mingo and Montgomery. He could be the solid third pass rusher Tennessee was looking for.


Sixth Round: Khalid, Wooten, CB, Nevada

You knew Tennessee was going to add a little extra secondary depth in the later rounds. Wooten is a good fit for this range.


Seventh Round: Daimion Stafford, S, Nebraska

More secondary depth. Good idea to pick up a safety as the starters right now are both in their 30s.



Tennessee might have had the best draft of any team this year. They didn't reach on a single pick, and filled positions of need with every pick. All the major needs were filled and quality depth was added. There really isn't any criticism I can offer to them. Tennessee deserves tons of credit for this amazing draft.


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