Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: New York Giants

First Round: Justin Pugh, G/T, Syracuse

I hate this pick so much. I question whether or not he can even be a tackle in the NFL; a right tackle at best. I've always seen him as more of a guard. I've never had Pugh graded as a first round prospect, despite all the recent hype about him. I really think there are much better lineman in this draft, and plenty of better defensive players the Giants would be much better off with. I really don't understand this selection in any way.


Second Round: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

The Giants already did some work to the interior of their line this offseason, but they just couldn't pass up on Hankins. Hankins was considered a top 10 prospect at one point, but saw his stock steadily decline throughout the pre-draft process. I think Hankins has become very underrated and has the ability to be a star in the NFL. Great pick.


Third Round: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

New York wisely adds another falling prospect. Like Hankins, Moore was once considered a top 10 prospect. Moore's stock fell dramatically after a poor combine and some character concerns. However, Moore produced as good as anyone in college football and also has the ability to be a star in the NFL if he can get his priorities straightened out. Another great pick.


Fourth Round: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

The Giants are on a roll. Everyone thought Nassib would go in the first or early second round, but fell all the way to day three. New York had to move up a bit to get him, but I still like the move. The Giants finally have a legitimate backup Quarterback now. Eli Manning can't maintain perfect health forever. The only reason this isn't getting an A or A+ is because they had bigger needs to address.


Fifth Round: Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond

With Phillips gone, some safety depth had to be added, though cornerback is a much more pressing need in the secondary. This is about where Taylor should go though.


Seventh Round: Eric Herman, G, Ohio / Michael Cox, UMASS Amherst

Good guard depth in Herman and, as a UMASS student, I'm obligated to love the Cox selection    



Aside from the first round selection which I still hate, you can't argue much with any of Reese's picks for the Giants this year. They had one of the best second days out of any team, and continued to find decent value in day three. My only problem is that they didn't take I single linebacker. I honestly have no idea what they are planning to do at that position. It is going to be a huge need in next years' draft. Had they taken a guy like Ogletree in round one, this draft would have deserved an A.



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    1. when the head coach calls for a 8am meeting and ogletree wanders in at 8:30---and says the alarm clock did not go off-----now you know why the giants did not draft him. on day two the reason he was late --sorry coach I over slept day three-i missed up thought meeting was at 9---get the picture...

  2. Pugh is a beast. This gives young legs and attitude (mean) to a line up that can't run the ball when it counts. Defense will be fine. The best pass protection is the threat of a running game.


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