Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: New Orleans Saints

First Round: Kenny Vacarro, S, Texas

It pretty much came down to Jarvis Jones or Kenny Vaccaro here, and I'm really OK with either one. Both are playmakers and the best available at their position. Their defense was so awful last year, that anything here would be an upgrade. Vaccaro I think is pretty underrated and can be a key player in their secondary for years to come. New Orleans did a good job of making the most out of their only high draft pick.


Third Round: Terron Armstead / John Jenkins, DT/NT, Georgia 

Despite not having a second round pick, the Saints picked up two second round players in round three. Not only is this great value, but both filled positions of need. Armstead will be able to take over for Bushrod, who was lost to free agency. Jenkins will probably get a chance to start at one of the three defensive line positions, as he has the ability to play all three. I'm shocked both of these players fell the Saints, and even more shocked that other teams with the same needs passed them up.


Fifth Round: Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma

Receiver wasn't a big need for New Orleans, but it doesn't hurt to take one in round five. I thought stills would go late day two early day three, so grabbing him in round five is obviously great value. He could get a chance to contribute this season especially is there is a injury in front of him.


Sixth Round: Rufus Johnson, DE/OLB, Tarleton State

The Saints definitely had to pick up a pass rusher at some point, but Johnson should not have been drafted. They could have added him in UFA if they wanted to. There were better options available at rush linebacker.



Aside from their final selection, New Orleans had a stellar draft. They grabbed three immediate starters in the first three rounds and got great value in all of them. They only thing you can be upset with as a Saints fan is that they failed to add a difference maker at pass rush. Johnson will probably end up being cut. Aside from that, New Orleans did a great job with their limited resources this draft.


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