Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Green Bay Packers

First Round: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

ANALYSIS: I've been mocking this pick to them for a while, and I really love the fit. He fills Green Bay's biggest need of a pass rushing DE (in the 3-4), he provides good value, and I think he will excel in Green Bay. Not to mention he will also take tons of pressure of Matthews and Perry coming from the OLB position. It was a tossup between Williams and Jones here, but I love this pick.


Second Round: Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

Tons of mock drafts had the Packers taking Lacy in the first round, but they were able to sit back and wait till their second round selection to grab him. Amazing. Aaron Rodgers finally has a running game; opposing defenses should be very worried.


Fourth Round: David Bakhtiari, C/G/T, Colorado / J.C. Tretter, OG/C, Cornell / Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA

An amazing fourth round for the Packers. Bakhtiari can play absolutely any position on the line, and Tretter can play any of the interior positions. Franklin was veiwed by some as the draft's top running back, but fell all the way to the Packers in round four. Not only does Green Bay have a running game, but they have a solid one two punch with Lacy and Franklin. What an amazing round of picks.


Fifth Round: Micah Hyde, CB/S, Iowa / Josh Boyd, DT/DE, Mississippi State

Two more solid selections. Hyde provides depth to every position in the secondary, and will probably see some playing time in passing situations. Boyd provides solid depth along the defensive line, and could end up starting across from Jones next year if he develops quickly. Both of these guys could have gone a round earlier as well. The good picks keep on coming in Green Bay.


Sixth Round: Nathan Palmer, DE/OLB, Illinois State

Finally a  pick I don't like. Palmer wasn't even expected to be a priority in UFA. At least he fills a need at pass rusher depth.


Seventh Round: Charles Johnson, WR, Grand Valley State / Kevin Dorsey, WR, Maryland / Sam Barrington, LB, South Florida

Three decent depth players. You knew Green bay had to pick up a wide receiver or two at some point in the draft. They will have plenty of time to develop and prove themselves.



The Packers probably had the best draft of any team this year, though teams like the Titans are close behind. Green Bay found an immediate difference maker in Dante Jones, a great duo at running back in Lacy and Franklin, two solid and versitile linemen, and a potential starter down the road in Hyde. The last few rounds they took some depth. Not many teams can say they found potential starters in the first five rounds of the draft, but we've come to expect this from Ted Thompson.


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