Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Chicago Bears

First Round: Kyle Long, OT/G, Oregon

Another pick I'm shocked at. I think Long is better than Pugh, but still don't think he should be a first round selection. I'm shocked the Bears passed on Eiffert and Ogletree, who are much better players and better values. Long will most likely be put at guard for Chicago, with Bushrod and Webb on the ends. However, he will probably be moved to tackle down the line when one of them is released (neither are good tackles). At least Chicago addressed a major need on the offensive line, but the value is pretty awful.


Second Round: Jon Bostic, LB, Florida

Not quite sure why the went with Bostic over Brown, but I still like the pick. Bostic looks like he will be the successor to Urlacher. Those are obviously big shoes to fill, but Bostic is a solid player who should be able to start from week one.


Fourth Round: Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

Chicago just might have gotten their best player in this draft with their fourth round pick. Greene was considered a second round prospect by many people, but fell to the fourth round because he really only fits as a 4-3 OLB. I think he could start from week one as well as Bostic. I really like Greene and think he could be a surprise star from this draft.


Fifth Round: Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech

The Bears are really focused on the offensive line. It's certainly not a bad idea to pick up another tackle considering their two starters aren't very good. Mills has some potential and will have some time to develop in Chicago.


Sixth Round: Cornelius Washington, DE, Georgia

I was never a fan of Washington when people were talking about him as a second round prospect, but I absolutely love him as a sixth round prospect. I'm shocked he fell this far. Washington is about as raw as you can get, but he has so much physical ability to work with. He could end up doing nothing in the NFL, but if he's developed well he could be an impact player. It may take a while to work with him, but he's certainly worth a shot at this juncture. Amazing value.


Seventh Round: Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State

The Bears are finding tons of value late in this draft. Everyone knows what happened with Wilson at Washington State, but many don't remember that he was a borderline first round prospect before all of that. He is very talented and has little wear on him. Wilson could end up being one of the better receivers from this draft a few years down the road if he develops properly. Excellent idea by Chicago to take a chance on him.



This draft is just like the Giants draft review I wrote earlier. Both teams had pretty solid drafts, except for the fact that they screwed up the first round completely. The one thing that makes Chicago's draft slightly better is that they filled all of their biggest needs despite not having a third round pick. The only thing you could argue they should have added was a corner. Either way, solid draft for Chicago.


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