Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Baltimore Ravens

First Round: Matt Elam, S, Florida 

ANALYSIS: Baltimore ended the first round of the draft draft on a good note, by taking one of the best players available. He also fills one of the biggest positions of need at safety, were Reed and Pollard are both gone. Elam will be a day one starter and could make a big impact early in his career. Baltimore still has a ton of work to do in this draft, but they are off to a great start.


Second Round: Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State

This is an amazing pick. Some people had Brown listed as the top ILB in the class, and I was actually a bit surprised the Ravens passed on him in round one. I never imagined he'd fall to them in the second round. He will be starting day one in Baltimore.


Third Round: Brandon Williams, DT/NT, Missouri Southern

Williams could have gone at the end of round two, so getting him here is excellent value. He has the size to play nose tackle, but also has the athleticism to play the 3-4 DT position as well. He will probably be a rotational player this season, but he could start next year.


Fourth Round: John Simon, DE/OLB, Ohio State / Kyle Juszczyk, FB, Harvard

I like Simon, but he's a bit of a tweener in the NFL. I think his best fit is 3-4 OLB, which is probably what Baltimore thinks as well. He provides solid pass rushing depth for them. This was also the right range for him. The pick of Juszczyk, on the other hand, I'm not a fan of. He's obviously the best FB in the class, but Baltimore already has one of the best in football in Leach. There were much bigger needs to be addressed before a value pick should have been made.


Fifth Round: Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin

This is a good pick up. Wagner provides much needed tackle depth for them. He could even be a serviceable starter at right tackle a few years down the road if developed properly.


Sixth Round: Kapron Lewis-Moore, DE/DT, Notre Dame / Ryan Jenson, OG, Colorado State

Two decent depth picks. This was the right range for them.


Seventh Round: Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon / Marc Anthony, CB, California

Two awesome picks. Both of these players should have gone in the fifth round. Some mocks even had them in the fourth round. Mellette will have a shot to contribute this season because the Ravens are so thin at wide receiver. Anthony could also have a chance to contribute because Baltimore's corners seem to be very injury prone.



This was a very strong draft for Baltimore. Despite losing so many players to free agency, this draft puts them back into playoff contention for yet another season. I really can't argue with any of these picks aside from taking a fullback in the fourth round. I also wished they took another receiver in the middle rounds. However, Baltimore filled a ton of needs and got solid value with nearly every pick. Can't argue with that.


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