Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NFL Draft Team Needs: New York Jets

1. Quarterback: The Jets have more needs than any other team in the NFL, so they should try their best to pick the best player available at all times. Unfortunately for them, that certainly means not taking a quarterback early, and going back to Mark Sanchez next season. New York will still probably try to pick up a young quarterback, but probably in the middle rounds. They've shown tons of interest in Dysert.

2. Rush Linebacker: New York has had a serious problem with getting to the quarterback the last few seasons. This might finally be the year they take a rush linebacker early on. I expect them to use one of their first two picks on one. I've been giving them one in the first for a while; someone like Jordan, Ansah, or Jones makes a ton of sense for them.

3. Running Back: Mike Goodson was signed, but he definitely can't handle the full load by himself. I even question whether or not he'll be a capable #2. We've seen how bad Sanchez is when he has a bad running game, so they would be wise to add another back in the draft to work with.

4. Safety: Landry and Bell played well for them last season, but they were short term answers who have moved on already. Dawan Landry has signed with them, but he is yet another short term solution. Someone should be brought in to hold down at least one of the safety positions long term. They seem interested in using probably a day two selection on one.

5. Right Tackle: Austin Howard was pretty awful last season. Mark Sanchez doesn't work well under pressure, so he needs to be upgraded if they expect him to have any success. At the very least, some competition needs to be brought in to push Howard.

6. Tight End: Sanchez's favorite target, Dustin Keller, was lost to the Dolphins in free agency. They have some potential replacements on the roster, but no one with a fraction of the talent Keller had. Don't be too surprised if New York opts to replace him early if a solid TE talent falls to them. 

7. Inside Linebacker: Scott is gone and Harris sucks. They don't need a new starter for this year, but this is probably Harris' last year so someone will be needed to replace him next season or even later this season. There is some decent ILB talent in the middle rounds of this draft, so I expect New York to take a shot with one of them.

8. Wide Receiver: Holmes is regressing very quickly, and Stephen Hill didn't develop as well as New York expected him to in his senior season. The Jets receiving corps is just very mediocre in general. In such a deep receiver class, New York should try their luck on a mid to late round rookie.

9. Defensive Lineman: New York's starting front three is set, assuming they intend to start Garay at the NT position. However, outside of them, they have no one. Pouha was cut and DeVito left for Kansas City. Some depth needs to be brought in behind them. This will probably be done with some undrafted free agents and veterans signed after draft day.

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