Monday, April 8, 2013

NFL Draft Team Needs: Cleveland Browns

1. Quarterback: Though Brandon Weeden will probably get another shot at the starting position, some competition should be brought in. They already signed Campbell, which is a smart move, but they can still do better. Unfortunately, this position is likely to be neglected due to the limited amount of draft choices they have.

2. Cornerback: Haden is a legitimate #1 corner, but they haven't been able to find an answer across from him. They are currently being heavily linked to Dee Milliner at 6 overall, which is who I have them taking in my most recent mock. Milliner and Haden would form a great duo on the corner.

3. Offensive Guard: The offensive line is pretty strong for Cleveland, but the guard position is thin and pretty shaky. They don't have anyone who has proven they can play well consistently  though they've gotten good play at times. Some depth and stability needs to be brought to the guard position.

4. Wide Receiver: Josh Gordon was impressive in his rookie season, but they really don't have much at receiver outside of him. Greg Little still has potential, but just isn't developing fast enough. They need to bring in some more talent. A mid round pick should be used on a wideout.

5. Rush Linebacker: Despite the signing of Kruger, Cleveland still has some question marks at the rush linebacker position. Who knows if Sheard will be able to make the transition to a 3-4, and Kruger has the possibility of being a one year wonder. Because there are so many talented pass rushers in the draft this year, a mid round pick could be used to sure up the pass rushing position.

6. Kicker: It will be a tough task to replace Dawson, who was recently signed away by San Francisco. A rookie will probably have to be drafted in the 6th or 7th round, as well as signing a veteran to compete with him.

7. Punter: Punter is also now a position of need as Hodges remains unsigned. He wasn't great in the first place, so it shouldn't be too hard to replace him.


  1. Joe Haden, not "Hayden"

  2. Don't be afraid to spend money! You have a BIG CAP. If you don't start spending on leaders, you'll keep losing! We're tired of that... our best scorer, Dawson, is gone. Our league leading returner and good WR Cribbs is gone, so what's up?
    Why isn't coach Tressle our coach, because he was a team builder and WINNER!Do you know Pete Carrol?
    Why isn't Alex Smith on our roster too,as he is a winner and worked with Norv Turner?
    If you keep going to the bargain basement, that's where we'll stay... The Basement!
    THIS is the year we oo take control; Pittsburg and Baltimore have major turnover an Cin-city should be our only competition for this division. Waiting for future years is what we've been doing since...? We're still DAWGS, and we're ready to BITE!


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