Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NFL Draft Team Needs: Arizona Cardinals

1. Offensive Tackle: Arizona has one of the worst tackle situations in all of football; just ask Kevin Kolb. Whoever their quarterback is just won't stand a chance if the line stays the same. A tackle in round one is almost a lock unless Joekel, Fisher, and Johnson are all gone at 7 overall.

2. Quarterback: Stanton and Palmer are currently Arizona's two quarterbacks. Neither is too bad, but neither of them are a long term solution either. They shouldn't take one in round 1, but a second or third round quarterback would be a smart choice.

3. Rush Linebacker: Arizona does a decent job at getting to the quarterback, but they don't have a guy that scares the offense either. In a deep pass rushing class, a good one might entice them at the beginning of day two.

4. Safety: Both of last years' starters have been released. Yerimiah Bell was signed, but he's 35 and won't be very good much longer. They need someone to start across from him right now and someone else to eventually replace him. Safety could be a surprise pick for Arizona on day two.

5. Running Back: Mendenhall is injury prone and isn't very good. Ryan Williams is decent but cannot stay healthy. A mid round pick should be used on some competition for them. A mid rounder could easily win the starting job here.

6. Inside Linebacker: Arizona may think Jasper Brinkley is the solution, but he isn't very good. A mid round selection should be used on some competition or at least a late rounder for some depth.

7. Cornerback: Arizona has a good amount of cornerbacks on the roster, but no one who deserves the starting job across from Peterson. They probably won't address this position early, but they should at least pick one up in the draft. That rookie could easily compete for a starting job.

8. Offensive Guard: Snyder will probably get another year to prove himself, but a late rounder should be used on some depth at the guard position if possible. Snyder needs all the competition he can get.

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