Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Washington Redskins

1. Safety: Washington's secondary is possibly the worst in the entire NFL. The cornerback situation is bad as well, but safety is even worse. Meriweather is the only decent safety on the team, but he is never healthy. Washington needs to add two safeties in the draft, and I wouldn't even be surprised if both of their day two picks were spent on the position. That's how bad it is.

2. Wide Receiver: RGIII and Garcon have a great connection going when they are both healthy, but Griffin needs another reliable target. Moss is decent, but he's 34 and is regressing due to age. Outside of them, there is no one with much experience or talent. A mid round pick should be used to continue rebuilding the receiving core.

3. Cornerback: Cornerback is a probablem, but not nearly as bad as safety. Hall is a decent starter, and Briggers may become one. However, both of them are prone to being torched on any given day. They won't be able to add a top tier CB in this draft, but they should at least pick one up and hope he can develop into a starter. 

4. Right Tackle: Right tackle is a big problem for Washington, but there's a good chance they won't even use a pick on the position. They have three veteran right tackles on the roster now, so they probably expect one of them to be able to man the position for the year. Unfortunetely, they are choosing from a group of very mediocre players, none of whom should be slated as starters.

5. Inside Linebacker: Riley and Fletcher are a solid combo, but Fletcher can't play forever. This is almost certainly his last season, so they need someone to replace him long term. They also don't have much depth behind the two starters. They will probably use a late pick on a linebacker they can take a year to develop.

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