Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: St. Louis Rams

1. Wide Receiver: After losing Danny Amendola, this became an even greater need. Sam Bradford desperately needs a true #1 receiver. Givens and Quick are quality options as second and third receivers, but neither is a true number one in my eyes. I expect St. Louis to take a wideout with one of their first three picks. This position could be adressed as early as 16 overall if Austin or Patterson is available.

2. Safety: Both of last years' starters at safety are gone, so at least one needs to be brought in early in the draft. I would expect one to be targeted with their second first rounder or their second round selection. Players like Vaccaro, Elam, Cyprien, and Swearinger are all options.

3. Outside Linebacker: Laurinaitis and Dunbar are both quality starts, but a third linebacker needs to be brought in to complete the trio. I thought they would target one in the second or third round, but St. Louis is showing lots of interest in Georgia's Alec Ogletree, who would require a first round selection. I don't think they'd take him at 16, but they will probably pick him up if he's available at 23.

4. Offensive Guard: Adding a quality starter at left guard would give the Rams the first complete offensive line they've had in years. I expect them to pick one up with a mid round pick, probably in the third or fourth round. I think Barrett Jones and his versatility would be an appealing pick for St. Louis in round three if he's there.

5. Running Back: Richardson and Pead look like a decent combo on paper, but another running back may need to be brought in for competition and insurance. There will be some decent running backs available in the fourth and firth rounds who would fit the bill for the Rams.

6. Offensive Tackle: Long on the left and Saffold on the right look like decent bookends, but Long has some injury concerns and I can't trust Saffold 100% yet. A mid to late round selection could be used on a tackle, as they are thin behind their two starters. 

7. Quarterback: I still think Bradford can be a quality starter despite two rocky seasons in a row, but St. Louis might take a chance on a developmental quarterback with one of their last few picks. At the very least, they could use an upgrade over Clemens at backup.

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