Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: New York Giants

1. Linebacker: The Giants linebacking situation is really awful. They could really use two linebackers from this draft, but will probably have to settle for one. I expect them to address this situation in the first two days of the draft, and as early as round one. Ogletree would be a great fit at 19 overall.

2. Cornerback: Webster has been awful, Thomas is always hurt, and Ross was brought back but he sucks. The Giants desperately need help at cornerback, but I don't think they think they have enough of a problem to address the situation early in the draft. They will probably add a mid round selection at best. CB will probably be atop their draft needs for next year.

3. Right Tackle: Locklear was decent last year at right tackle, but New York doesn't seem interested in bringing him back. That leaves them with Diel, who is a major liability whenever he's in the game. I think the Giants will address this in the first two days of the draft. If Fluker is available in round one, they might grab him. However, they are more likely to take a tackle on day two.

4. Defensive End: Though this is their fourth biggest need, it is also the one most likely to be addressed in the first round. Reese loves his pass rushers, and will probably want to find a replacement for Umenyiora despite having Tuck and JPP as solid starters. I would use a mid round selection on a DE, but they will probably take one in the first two rounds. They've been connected with Werner a lot, including in my own mock draft. 

5. Running Back: Cutting Bradshaw came as a shock to many, and that's mostly because David Wilson is still very unproven. Wilson and backup Andre Brown form a nice duo on paper, Brown has injury problems and we don't know if Wilson can carry a full load yet. New York might want to add some depth and security with a mid to late round selection on a running back.

6. Offensive Line Depth: While right tackle is the immediate need, the Giants are pretty thin all around the line. New York is one of those teams that seems to have injuries on their offensive line every season, so you can never have too much quality depth. A later pick or two should be used on some reserve linemen.

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