Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Miami Dolphins

1. Cornerback: Miami really only has two pressing needs coming into the draft, and the top one is at cornerback. Grimes will be a good signing if he can be healthy, but you just never know after having major surgery. They also need to find an upgrade across from him for when he is healthy. There is a good chance they address this situation in the first round. If not, they also have two second round and third round picks to fix the position. Don't be surprised if they double dip at the CB position in the first two days.

2. Offensive Tackle: With Jake Long signing in St. Louis, a big hole is opened up at the tackle position. The only question is, left or right? The front office's answer to this question will probably dictate whether or not they address the position in the first round or not. If they feel Martin is good enough to be their blind side protector, they will probably wait for day two to take another tackle if Johnson doesn't fall to them at #12 overall. If they think Martin is better suited for the right side, I expect them to try to use some of those extra picks to trade up to grab either Fisher or Johnson in the top 10.

3. Defensive End: The only other position Miami might consider with their first rounder would be the defensive end position. If they don't feel the need to move up for a tackle, and the cornerbacks they consider worth taking at #12 overall are gone, that probably means a pass rusher has fallen to them. Grabbing a guy like Ansah or Jordan to pair up with Wake would be a potentially deadly combination. Even if they don't select a pass rusher in the first round, don't be surprised to see them spend a day two selection on a guy to be used as a situational rusher. 

4. Running Back: Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are currently slated to be Miami's combination at running back. However, this combo comes with a bit of risk in Thomas' injury concerns and Miller's inexperience. Miami would be wise to use a mid to late round selection on some depth and security in case things don't work out as planned.

5. Tight End: Bringing in Keller was a great move, but he has some injury problems. Currently, they don't have a viable replacement for him if he were to miss time. Miami might try to address this problem with a mid to late round pick in the draft. Having another guy to pair with Keller also could only help Tannehill continue to progress.

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  1. Strictly going by comments made by JP and JI after the season ended, my draft will be based on a distinct need for playmakers. And in keeping with the collective desire to get RT17 all the weapons a QB would need. So - here goes:
    1. One of the "E" boys at TE; or Tavon if you're luxury-minded and want to draw a crowd.
    2-A. A DE with a non-stop motor and with the drive and love for the game like JT.
    2-B. A CB that has good hands and can run team-schemes plus bring anyone down to the ground.
    3-A. A very tall TE who can catch and block from the get-go. A mean-streak would help too.
    3-B. A safety who is relatively fast and a head- hunter, possibly Cyprien.
    4-A. A bowling-ball of a RB who can block DL,
    catch a ball in the flats,block DB's, and stick-it in the end zone.
    4-B. Another CB with speed and prototypical size.
    5- Either the FSU or Florida kicker to challenge Carpenter.
    7-A and B - Best Player Available
    So, draft for quality and the need for speed.
    Go Dolphins !! 10-6 or bust !


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