Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Houston Texans

1. Wide Receiver: This has been their #1 need for years, but it looks like they'll finally address it this year. If not in the first round, it will certainly be addressed in the second round. Finding a #2 option to go with Johnson is of paramount importance. Matt Schaub needs this to make the offense deadly.

2. Inside Linebacker: The only other position that Houston has a chance of taking in the first round is inside linebacker. They have been connected with Minter, and it would be hard to pass on Ogletree if he somehow slid to them. However, I think trading up for Minter in round two is more likely. Finding someone to line up alongside Cushing is the only other big need that is holding this team back.

3. Right Tackle: I don't think Newton is as bad as others say, but he could certainly be upgraded. If a decent tackle slides to them at the end of round two, then they shouldn't hesitate to take him. The other option is to sign one of the premier right tackles still available in free agency. Apparently there isn't too much of a market for them right now.

4. Rush Linebacker: After losing Barwin to free agency, some depth is needed at the rush linebacker position. With the talent in this class at pass rusher, a quality situational rusher can be found in the middle rounds. Look for them to take one late day two or early day three.

5. Offensive Guard: The Texans also struggled a bit at the guard position on the right side of the line. It's not mandatory, but finding an upgrade here would be a nice luxury. They could at least bring in some competition in the middle to late rounds. 

6. Kicker: Graham wasn't resigned, so a new kicker needs to be brought it. One will probably be taken with a late pick.

7. Defensive Line Depth: The Texans could use a bit of depth on the defensive line, especially nose tackle. If they find good value in one late, it's worth taking the chance.

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