Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Green Bay Packers

1. Running Back: Running back is listed as the number one need here, but I can almost guarantee it won't be the first position they take. Green Bay desperately needs a starter to give them a solid running game, but a mid round pick will probably be enough for them. They could take one as early as the second round, but that would be only if a real talent fell to them.

2. Pass-Rushing Defensive End: The Packers have a great group of run stuffers and solid rotational linemen in their 3-4 set, but they still lack a guy who can get after the quarterback with his hands in the dirt. Given how strong the 3-4 DE class is this season, I see that as the most likely way they use their first round selection. Guys like Jones and Hunt would fit the bill at the end of round one.

3. Tight End: Finely is back in Green Bay for at least one more season, but he really could be upgraded. The tight end class is very deep in the middle rounds, so they could use an early day three pick on a tight end to compliment Finely and potentially take over for him.

4. Safety: MD Jennings is currently slated to start, but I have my doubts about him. I see him as more of a third safety and a strong spot starter. Safety could be the surprise early pick for Green Bay.

5. Offensive Line: The Packers offensive line is very interesting and confusing. On paper, they look like they have quality starters and tons of depth, but it just doesn't turn out they way for many games during the season. To be honest, I don't understand it. Green Bay could take a tackle as early as round one, a center as early as round two, or just take a lineman in the 7th round for depth. It's really a tossup that will probably come down to when a lineman becomes the best player available. 

6. Quarterback: Graham Harrell is currently the backup quarterback. I don't think the Packers would be too comfortable with him taking any snaps for them during the regular season. They should try to pick up a QB they can develop into a solid backup like they did with Matt Flynn.

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  1. Green Bay should take a defensive line player in the first round or first pick if they trade down. A space eater with the ability to rush the QB and whom it takes two lineman to control. TT knows what I mean. Let's see what happens come Thursday.


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