Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Denver Broncos

1. Defensive Tackle: Denver has a passable starter or two at DT, but no one to anchor the interior of their line. Given how deep the DT class is this season, they could find that staple guy in the first or second round. I've been giving them a defensive tackle in round one in most of my mocks, but they could easily go in other directions and end up waiting as late as the third round.

2. Defensive End: This wasn't a need until a few weeks ago, then the infamous "fax gate" occurred. With Dumervil now gone, a big hole is opened up across from Wolfe on the line. They could address this position as early as round one if a guy like Carradine falls to them, or as late as round three where a few quality rushers will still be available. 

3. Running Back: Running back is listed as the third highest need, but they could very well wait for day three before taking a back. They have a few to work with on the roster, but no one you can see them relying on a few years down the line. Some solid backs will be there for them in the middle rounds.

4. Cornerback: DRC and Bailey should be able to man the corners for this season, but DRC has only a one year contract and Bailey is starting to regress quickly. They could opt to wait for the middle rounds to pick up a corner, or they could take one as early as round one. There are rumors that they really like Taylor, who will most likely be there at 28 overall.

5. Middle Linebacker: The Broncos could really use an upgrade in the middle. Mays won't kill you as a starter, but he's not very good either. I doubt Denver will take one early, but if a decent ILB prospect falls to them in the middle rounds, they could take a chance on him.

6. Safety: Mike Adams is a very up and down player. He'll have some good weeks, but can be God awful on others. This could be a surprised early selection for Denver if one falls to them in the middle rounds. Luckily, safety is pretty deep so some competition could at least be added late in the draft. 

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