Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Dallas Cowboys

1. Interior Lineman: Dallas needs to completely remake the interior of their offensive line. Costa will probably start at center, but he might not be at full strength after his injury. First round looks like a lock to address the interior of their line as long as Cooper adn/or Warmack are available. They could also double dip at this position later in the draft.

2. Safety: Safety is the other position that looks like a lock to be addressed in the first two rounds. Dallas has been especially connected to LSU's Eric Reid, who would probably be their second round pick if available.

3. Right Tackle: Dallas may think the interior is too big of an issue to worry about right tackle, but Free was awful last year. He really should be upgraded, but they may give him another year. There's also an outside shot that they kick him to guard and draft a RT to replace him fairly early on.

4. Running Back: Murray is one of the game's most electric backs when healthy, but he's very injury prone. A complement to him is also needed for when he's healthy. They need to draft a back in the middle rounds who they can count on to start for a few games next season for when Murray is inevitably hurt.

5. Defensive Tackle: Ratliff was awful last year, and is becoming a bit of a head case. Some competition could be brought in for him via the draft.

6. Defensive End: Spencer was surprisingly franchised, so he will start next year across from Ware. However, he may very well be gone next year, so a potential successor could be drafted in the later rounds.

7. Quarterback: Romo just signed a huge extension, but he's getting up there in age. If a quality developmental quarterback falls to them in the late rounds, they may take a shot at him so groom him behind Romo for a few years.

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