Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Carolina Panthers

1. Defensive Tackle: Make that two defensive tackles for Carolina. Edwards can rush the quarterback fairly well, but can't stop the run for the life of him. Carolina has neglected this position for so long that they really have to double dip on this position early on. I'd be extremely surprised if they didn't take one with their first round selection. 

2. Cornerback: With Gamble announcing his retirement the CB situation is even worse. Unfortunetely, due to how many needs they have, they will probably only be able to grab one upgrade in this draft. They could take one as early as round two.

3. Wide Receiver: Carolina desperately needs a stable #2 target for Cam Newton to work with, and also someone to replace Steve Smith, who could fall off at any point due to age. This is another position that could be addressed as early as round two. 

4. Offensive Tackle: Carolina has no stable right tackle to protect Cam Newton, and Jordan Gross' play is starting to slow due to age. Expect them to use a mid round selection to at least try to upgrade the right tackle position.

5. Safety: Nakamura is awful, and they have no depth at either safety position. Safety is pretty deep this year, so a mid round selection might be an upgrade. 

6. Offensive Guard: Hangartner is a below average guard, but they probably won't be able to upgrade him because they have much more pressing needs. Still, don't be surprised to see them take an interior lineman with one of their late picks. 

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