Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Needs: Baltimore Ravens

1. Inside Linebacker: The Ravens inside linebacker situation is a mess. Lewis retired, Ellerbe signed with Miami, and Jameel McClain is coming off yet another major surgery. So far, the only thing they've done to address the situation is bringing in Rolando McClain. They may be able to turn his career around, but more than likely he'll continue to be a bust. Baltimore needs to bring in at least one linebacker early in the draft, as early as round one.

2. Safety: Pollard was cut and Ed Reed signed with the Texans. Michael Huff was signed and will probably replace Reed, but an immediate replacement is needed for Pollard. They need to bring someone in early in the draft. This is another way they could opt to use their first round selection.

3. Wide Receiver: With Boldin gone, Baltimore really doesn't have much to go along with Jones and Smith.  I doubt they'd spend their first round selection on a wideout, but they could still find a quality receiver on day two. 

4. Offensive Tackle: McKinnie is still sitting as a free agent, so they'll need to bring in his replacement if they don't plan on signing him. They would probably need to use a day two pick to find another decent tackle. Luckily, they are in good position to acquire another day two pick because of all the picks they have in the following rounds.

5. Cornerback: Cornerback is probably the position most likely to be left to suffer. Webb is an elite corner, but he is coming off his second ACL surgery, so it's a bit risky to count on him. Cary Williams was also lost to free agency. They might be able to get by with what they have, but I have a feeling this will be a big need in next years' draft.

6. Defensive Lineman: Baltimore did a lot of work on the defensive line, but they have some older players and impending free agents. They could use a pick or two for some youth along the line.

7. Interior Offensive Line Depth: With Birk retiring, there is a bit greater of a need for depth in the interior of the offensive line. They could take one with one of their many late picks.

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