Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Philadelphia Eagles

First Round: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

Philly must have been pretty scared when Miami traded up ahead of them, but they got their man anyways. Johnson is the third best OT in the draft, but I think he has the most potential out of the three. I think Chip Kelly can get a lot out of him. He will be a staple on that line for years to come. I think Johnson was one of the top two players available at their biggest position of need. Solid pick for the Eagles and Chip Kelly.


Second Round: Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

Philly now has three tight ends on the roster, but with Chip Kelly calling the plays they will all be utilized. Ertz could have easily gone in round one, as he was seen as pretty much an equal prospect to Eifert by many scouts. Ertz will be a very reliable target for Vick this year and whoever the starter is next year. A lot of people are killing the Eagles for not taking Smith here, but they know they can get someone better in next years' stacked quarterback class. The only reason I'm not giving this an A is because it didn't fill a need.


Third Round: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU

I really like this pick. Logan should be able to play DT in the 4-3 and DE in the 3-4. Logan has first round talent, and probably could have been considered in the first round by a few teams if the defensive tackle class wasn't so stacked this season. I'm a bit higher on Logan than most people, but everyone should recognize the great value at a position of need here.


Fourth Round: Matt Barkley, QB, USC

I really don't understand this pick. When I saw Philly moved up, I thought for sure it was for Matt Scott if they were going QB. Barkley just doesn't fit Kelly's system. It's like bringing a second Nick Foles onto the roster. If they passed on Geno Smith in round two, they should have waited till next year to take a quarterback. I just don't see Barkley ever being able to contribute while wearing an Eagles uniform.


Fifth Round: Earl Wolff, S, N.C. State

This is a solid pick for the Eagles. Wolff was viewed by many as a sleeper pick who got lost in a talented safety class. Some teams have noted character concerns on his behalf, but it's certainly worth taking a flier on a talent like this in round five.


Seventh Round: Joe Kruger, DE/DT, Utah / Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State / David King, DE, Oklahoma

The Eagles were able to grab two great value picks with this selection. Jordan Poyer was a second round prospect in my eyes. I never imagined him slipping into the third day, much less seventh round. He has a legitimate chance of being a starter for Philly. I have no clue why so many teams passed on him. Kruger is another talented prospect who should have been gone much earlier in the draft. He will be great depth behind Cox and Logan. I didn't think King had a chance of being drafted, but it doesn't really matter because this was one of the last picks in the draft.



Philadelphia certainly had one of the best drafts of any team. Every player selected filled a need of some sort and offered decent value. The selection of Barkley is the only pick I have a problem with, as explained earlier. Aside from that, you really can't offer too much of a critique in Chip Kelly's first NFL Draft.


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