Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Team Grades: Kansas City Chiefs

Round One: Eric Fisher, OT, Michigan 

I just don't understand why they took Fisher instead of Joeckel. Fisher is less polished and less experienced. When your drafting the first player of the draft, you can't take someone who has a shot at being a bust. It's not like he had a bigger ceiling than Joeckel either. Fisher is still a solid prospect, but he's just not as good as Joeckel. Personally, I still think the smartest move would have been to move down, but taking Joeckel still would have certainly earned them a better grade.


Round Three: Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati / Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

Kelce is a decent tight end prospect, but he has many character concerns and it just didn't fill a need for Kansas City. It's not like he was the best player available either. Tight end was also already addressed in free agency with the signing of Fasano. There were plenty of other better players on the board that made more sense.
Davis does address a position of need, a power compliment to Charles. However, much better running backs were on the board. Davis never lived up to his potential in college, and probably could have been acquired much later in the draft.


Round Four: Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama

This is slightly early for Johnson, but I can understand over drafting an Alabama prospect. They are pretty much NFL ready from day one. The Chiefs came in to the draft looking for someone to pair with Derrick Johnson, and Nico might do the trick.


Round Five: Sanders Commings, CB/S, Georgia

All the draft coverages had Commings listed purely as a corner, but I think he might even fit better at safety, which is a bigger need for Kansas city. Commings had a chance at going as early as round three, so this is great value for him. This will be a solid pick as long as he can work at safety like I think he can.


Round Six: Eric Kush, C, California-PA / Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas State

The Chiefs were expected to find some depth for the interior of the line, but most people didn't think Kush would even be drafted. There were a few other interior lineman available who would have been a much better value for them.
Braden Wilson isn't a great pick, but the Chiefs probably had to pick one up sometime this off season. 


Round Seven: Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton

Catapano could have gone much earlier in day three, so this is really solid value. Kansas City needed some depth on the edges of their defense, and Catapano can certainly fill this need. I'm not 100% sure how he'll fit in their defense, but it's worth a shot with a seventh round pick.



I'm still dissapointed that they went with Fisher over Joeckel, but at least they filled their biggest need with their first pick. They gave up their second round pick for Alex Smith, so they didn't make much of a splash despite holding the first overall selection. They wasted their second day selection on a troubled tight end they didn't need, but they found pretty solid depth with the rest of their picks. The only thing I was they would have done is getting a wide receiver. They really don't have much for Smith to work with aside from Bowe, and there were good wideouts available with most of their picks. Pretty mediocre draft for the Chiefs overall.


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