Friday, March 1, 2013

Three Players Franchised Today

As always, check out our "NFL Acquisition Grades" tab for grades and analysis in all major NFL signings for this off season!

bengals_100.png (100×100) Bengals Franchise DE Michael Johnson

The Bengals have so much money to spend this off season, so the franchise number won't even hurt them. It was a must for Johnson to be retained, as he was a key member of that dominant defensive line. If they can add another quality pass rusher on the other side, Johnson and Atkins could be even better this season. Good move by the Bengals making sure he's back for next season.

Grade: A

bills_100.png (100×100) Bills Franchise FS Jairus Byrd

The Bills don't have any true big time playmakers on defense aside from Byrd. Keeping him had to be this seasons' top priority, and they have accomplished that with the franchise tag. They will continue to negotiate a long term contract with him, but at least they have the security of knowing he will be back next season. This was a call that had to be made by Buffalo.

Grade: A

Colts Colts Franchise P Pat McAfee

This isn't anything big to talk about considering he's a punter, but it was still a decent move. It's not expensive to franchise a punter, and he's a solid punter. They really didn't have anyone else they could have reasonably used the tag on, so it's OK to use it on your punter in this situation.

Grade: B

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