Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wild Card Weekend Picks


REGULAR SEASON: 168-86-1 (66%)

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The Texans have been really disappointing the last few weeks, but I don't see that continuing this week. Everyone knows that Schaub has been struggling, but Dalton hasn't been too sharp either. I think his struggles will outweigh Schaub's in this playoff game. Both of these rosters are very similar to when they met last year, and the Texans still won with their backup quarterback. I think they come out with a close win here, aided by some poor decisions from Dalton.

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The Vikings pulled off a miracle victory against the Packers just a short week ago, but they really gave it all they had in that game. I'm not sure how much they'll have left for this short week game. Last week they had more to play for than Green Bay; that is no longer the case. Also, the Vikings are an awful outdoor team. With projected temperatures possibly below 20 with wind in this game, Ponder's job just got a lot harder. I don't see any scenario in which Ponder repeats his results from last week. Green Bay's defense will step up at home. All indications point towards Green Bay winning this one at home.


Before Ray Lewis retired, I thought this would be a lock. Now that he's made the announcement, I have a lot more faith in this defense, so this will be a pretty low scoring event. They should be able to limit Luck in his first playoff appearance fairly well, but I still don't think Flacco will be able to do much either. The key in this game is Ray Rice. If he can find a way to get going like Charles did last week, the Ravens have a great chance here. However, I think Indy will find a way to limit him enough for the win. The defense has over preformed for this entire season, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.


If Seattle was at home, this game wouldn't even be fair. However, they are on the road which makes them much more vulnerable. Luckily for them, they are catching RGIII with his leg still hurting. If you watched last week's Cowboy's game, you saw that RGIII was mobile, but not nearly as explosive as we are accustomed to seeing of him. Seattle's defense is above and beyond that of Dallas, so they should be able to limit him pretty well. This may also be a low scoring game, but I can honestly see Wilson gaining more rushing yards than RGIII in this one. The Redskins blitzed Tony Romo effectively, but he can't run like Wilson. Seattle has a clear advantage in this game.

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