Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday Wrap Up

Broncos def. Raiders: The Broncos just never seem to be able to completely blow away a crappy opponent. The Raiders are awful, I expected much more out of Manning.

Panthers def. Falcons: The Falcons have quickly become very mediocre as 11 win teams go. I know Cam Newton has really heated up at the end of the season, but this defense can't allow a quarterback to pick them apart like Newton did yesterday. Luckily for the Falcons, they still have a good shot at that first round bye. The Giants will really test them this week.

Redskins def. Ravens (OT): Being able to win it late even without RGIII was huge for the Redskins. This proves they are not simply a one man team like Cam Newton and the Panthers. It shows they are extremely dangerous and are a legitimate threat. The Ravens, on the other hand, are quickly fading. Firing Cam Cameron won't fix everything, as they have problems on both sides of the ball. They'll still make the playoffs, but I don't see them making it out of the first round alive.

Rams def. Bills: Even though this means the Bills are officially out of the playoff hunt, this loss was probably good for Buffalo. Fred Jackson is out for the year, so C.J. Spiller will have to get most of the touches, while Chan Gailey might finally get fired. The Bills will continue to struggle as long as he is the head coach. The Rams continue to win these close games despite terrible play at times. They could finish respectively around .500 this season.

Jets def. Jaguars: How do the Jets keep winning? They are just so terrible on offense and the defense is just good enough to hold off other terrible offenses. The sad part is, they could easily finish around .500 because of their schedule. They deserve to be about a 4 win team.

Vikings def. Bears: Adrian Peterson certainly has my vote for league MVP. The Vikings still probably won't make the playoffs the way things are looking right now, but what he has done this season is just amazing. 1,600 yards in a season that was in doubt because of a torn ACL? It's almost inhuman. He is literally the only reason they are winning any games right now. The Bears, on the other hand, are in some trouble. Not only are their division chances quickly dwindling, but they have to start worrying about a wild card too. The defense isn't playing very well right now, and the offense isn't good enough to make up for it.

Cowboys def. Bengals: The Cowboys just keep finding a way to hang in there don't they? Tony Romo actually had a spectacular game considering how terrible his blocking was. The defense also stepped up to the challenged, as they just wouldn't let the Bengals into the end zone and forced plenty of field goals. The Bengals are finally cooling off; they were playing much better than they are. They missed a big opportunity with a Steeler loss this week, and this will probably come back to haunt them. Both of these teams have a very tough road ahead in the playoff hunt.

Browns def. Chiefs: The Browns continue to silently win games even though their opponents are pretty weak. The Chiefs couldn't come together like they did last week, and probably won't win another game this season.

Colts def. Titans: Luck is really much better in the big game situations. They almost lost this one and probably should have lost. However, they did end up winning and are now basically guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. This is quite an accomplishment considering noone expected them to get more than 5 wins this season.

Chargers def. Steelers: Big Ben is back! Apparently the defense didn't show up for the party, as this mediocre San Diego offense lit them up all night. The offensive line didn't show up either, as Big Ben was pressured all night. The Steelers could have basically put the Bengals away with a win here, so they'll have to wait a few weeks now for the head to head match up. They should still be able to grab that last playoff spot. As for San Diego, sorry Norv, its too late for another end of the season run.

Eagles def. Buccaneers: Ugh, just as I was starting to believe in the Buccaneers. This pretty much puts to rest their playoffs hopes based on how the playoff picture is playing out, but it was a nice season for the Bucs. The Freeman Jackson and Martin trio is going to be dangerous for years to come. The Eagles might have finally found what they were looking for in Nick Foles. A few more games like this and he'll be the starter next season.

Giants def. Saints: The Saints have become such an erratic team. The defense gambles and loses on almost every play while Drew Brees has been throwing picks left and right. They need Sean Peyton back badly. The Giants secured a solid win and will need to continue this type of play as the Cowboys and the Redskins aren't letting up. They have a big challenge next week against Atlanta.

Seahawks def. Cardinals: The Cardinals are just embarrassing. They need to spend every draft pick they have on offense this coming draft. This is the worst offense I have ever seen.

Packers def. Lions: Detroit was in complete control early on, but of course the Lions always have to find a way to lose to the Packers. Green Bay really didn't deserve this win, as they have been extremely unimpressive all season. Luckily for them, the Bears are really faltering and are just giving Green Bay the division. 

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