Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NFL Week 10 Picks


SEASON: 85-46 (65%)


The Colts lost to the Jags already, but this seems like a much better team now. This is a game they need to win to be in the playoff hunt.

giants_100.png (100×100)Def.bengals_100.png (100×100)

Eli Manning has had a really rough stretch, but the Bengals secondary is just what he needs to rebound. Expect some big numbers coming from this offense.


The Titans defense can make any quarterback look elite, so why not Tannehill? We've also seen how easily a good defense can shut down the Tennessee offense, so I could see this being an easy win for Miami.


This is the type of game Minnesota must win to keep playoff aspirations alive. Unfortunately for them, the Lions offense is red hot while the Vikings defense has been awful for three weeks in a row.

patriots_100.png (100×100)Def.bills_100.png (100×100)

Buffalo's defense really looked like it improved during the bye, but it's still not good enough to stop this offense. If they give the ball to Spiller enough they'll throw up some points, but it won't be enough to keep up.

falcons_100.png (100×100)Def.Saints

Matt Ryan has a legitimate chance of throwing for a touchdown on every drive in this one. I don't think Drew Brees will be able to win this game by himself.

ChargersDef.buccaneers_100.png (100×100)

I know Tampa's offense is as hot as humanly possible right now, but this will be the first strong defense they've faced in a while. Their own defense is still putrid, and Rivers should be able to light them up despite not having much to work with. This game can go either way, but I'm picking San Diego's defense in this one.


Carolina's defense was able to contain RGIII last week, but Peyton Manning is playing on an elite level. They just won't be able to stop him from throwing up 30+ points if not more.


With DMC out, the Raiders just don't have any weapons to take advantage of this poor Ravens defense. The Ravens, on the other hand, have Ray Rice. What can a good running back do against the Raiders? Take a look at Doug Martin's performance last week. 


Russell Wilson has been the stable of efficiency in the past few weeks, while Mark Sanchez has Tim Tebow breathing down his neck. The Seahawks defense hasn't been playing quite as well in the past few weeks, but they can certainly look elite against this offense. Should be a low scoring win for Seattle.


So, which quarterback can screw up the least and which team's play calling will be less idiotic? Both of these teams are basically done, but the loser of this game will be officially done. 


The 49ers defense is just too good for Sam Bradford and the rest of the St. Louis offense. This could be a very low scoring game, but San Francisco will come out on top. 

texans_100.png (100×100)Def.bears_100.png (100×100)

If Chicago can consistently play like they did against the Titans, no one will beat them. However, the Texans have something Tennessee didn't; J.J. Watt. He will wreak havoc on this Chicago offensive line and Jay Cutler will turn the ball over just enough for Houston to come out with the win.

SteelersDef.chiefs_100.png (100×100)

The Chiefs are pathetic while Pittsburgh is on a roll after a big win against the Giants. This game will be over by halftime.

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