Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Wrap Up

Falcons def. Raiders: The Falcons really have to give up this obsession with last second wins. While the Falcons should certainly be happy about being 6-0, the fact that they have barely won games against the Panthers, Redskins, and now the Raiders. This is the also the first week that Matt Ryan actually hurt the team for a decent section of the game. However, you have to give the Raiders props for picking off Ryan 3 times and keeping this a very close game. They might finally be back on the track they were on when they beat the Steelers.

Browns def. Bengals: The Browns had hung around in every game so far this season, they had to come up with a win eventually. The Bengals just aren't that good. The running game for them isn't very strong, Andy Dalton makes too many mistakes, and their defense has completely imploded. 34 points to the Browns is just unacceptable. The Bengals don't look to be on track to getting to the post season again this year. The Browns won't be making the playoffs either, but their opponents should always be on upset alert.

Dolphins def. Rams: The Dolphins (and the Rams for that matter) are a surprising 3-3 team. The defense is really a lot better than people give them credit for, and Ryan Tannehill has progressed 100 times faster than I ever expected. The Rams defense has been pretty strong as well, but the offense is really going to struggle with Amendola out and Jackson not being as in past years. While I don't see playoff implications for them, the Dolphins are another team whose opponents should be on upset alert.

Jets def. Colts: The Jets defense really contained Luck in this one. The got to him 4 times and picked him off twice. The Jets defense was really impressive. The Colts defense, however, was extremely week. Green has been awful all year and was on the verge of being replaced, but he managed 161 yards and 3 TDs. The Colts defense just had a lucky week containing the Packers in their last game. Mark Sanchez really didn't have to do anything in this one, only completing 11 passes for 82 yards. He was efficient throwing for 2 TDs and no interceptions. The calls for Tebow will have to wait another week in New York.

Lions def. Eagles: Well, at least Vick didn't lose a fumble in this one! He did throw two interceptions though, which certainly hurt their efforts. You just never know what your going to get from the Eagles. This week it was Shady McCoy who couldn't get anything going, averaging just 1.6 YPC. Stafford wasn't too great either, completing less than half of his passes. However, he came through in the clutch to give them the OT win. What the Lions should be most happy about on offense is that Leshoure is looking like a solid starting back. Having a balanced running game would really help out Stafford, who has struggled for much of the year. The defense needs to continue playing like this as well. The Lions can still be a dangerous team if everything is working like it did yesterday against the Eagles.

Buccaneers def. Chiefs: Man, what's happened to the Chiefs? They have one of the most talented rosters (other than the QB position), but no one is really playing to their potential on this team. 38 points to the Buccaneers? Not excusable. Having Brady Quinn at starting quarterback doesn't help out much either. The Chiefs have some major problems to work out. you can give the Bucs some credit, but I think its more of Kansas City being awful rather than the Bucs playing well.

Ravens def. Cowboys: Who would have guessed this one would turn into a shootout? Both quarterbacks played pretty well, but both running games were stellar. This Ravens defense just isn't as dominant as we're used to seeing. That being said, the Cowboys defense isn't anything too special either. Both of these offenses are going to have to continue to play well if they wan't to beat good teams. The Cowboys were very close in this one, but the failed 2pt conversion granted Baltimore a win. Both teams should have mixed feelings about this game.

Bills def. Cardinals: The Bills really needed to win this game to keep any playoff aspirations alive. The defense had been as bad as it could possibly get in the last few weeks, but came up big time in this game racking up 5 sacks and two INT's. The offense also worked how it was designed in this one, Fitzpatrick acting as a game manager with both running backs getting an equal workload and each making a trip to the end zone. The Cardinals are going to have some issues going ahead with neither quarterback looking too great and having no solid running game to back them up. This defense is going to have to play even better down the road to keep this team alive. Both teams have a shot at a wild card this season.

Seahawks def. Patriots: Three losses for the Patriots is about what I expected for the entire year, and they already have three here at the end of week six. They are just really struggling against tough defenses. The running game couldn't get going and Tom Brady simple couldn't carry the team to a win like the Pats are used to. That being said, major props have to be given to this Seahawks defense. They have really turned into an elite squad which is shutting down some of the league's best offenses. The Patriots defense, on the other hand, has some major issues that show up most weeks. They made Russell Wilson look like a star quarterback, which should be pretty embarrassing as a defense. The Pats, surprisingly  have some major problems to work out as they are in a 4-way tie in the AFC East.

Redskins def. Vikings: What happened to this dominant Vikings defense? While they did a decent job in the passing attack and held Morris to 2.9 YPC, they didn't know what to do with RGIII. He ran all over them and looked better running against them than any running back we've seen all year. This kid is something special. Christian Ponder continued to step up for the offense, throwing 52 times for 352 yards, but he made some key mistakes which also led to 2 INTs. The Redskins defense was still pretty bad, but came up when it counted and forced the Vikings to kick 4 field goals. The Vikings fall to a still very respectable 4-2, but I wouldn't expect a winning record for too much longer.

Giants def. 49ers: Everyone and their grandmother picked the 49ers in this one. They had just been so dominant both sides of the ball the past few weeks and the Giants have been really banged up. However, most of their injured players came back and produced in this one, and it lead to the Giants playing their best game since last years' Superbowl. The Giants are scary on both sides of the ball when everything is going according to plan. San Francisco looked helpless in this one, but it really wasn't all their fault. The Giants simply dominated in this one.

Packers def. Texans: There's the Packers we knew last year! What a week for them to make their comeback. Playing one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Packers threw up 42 points lead by Aaron Rodgers' career high 6 touchdown passes. They looked as unstoppable as they were all of last season. In addition to the Green Bay showing the league they're finally back, we really learned something about the Texans this week; they are not built to come from behind. They are built to play great defense early on, run the ball and wear down the opposing defense, and let Schaub throw it when they have to. They need to contain the opposing offense early on or they won't beat an offense like the Packers.

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