Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Amazing Night of Baseball

I hope most of you are a bit more fortunate than me and get to stay home tonight. If you are, you have some amazing baseball to watch. 

First, the battle for the AL West title wraps up with a game between the A's and the Rangers. If Oakland can pull this off, it will be a comeback of epic proportions, worthy of a sequel to Moneyball. The Rangers have been in the lead for all but two games (the first two games) this entire season. An Athletics win here would not only mean a divisional title, but a shot at taking home home field advantage until the World Series.

This leads us to the second major game of the night, the Yankees and the Redsox. These two teams are always battling for a playoff spot, but the Sox are just playing as potential spoilers in this one. A win here 
for New York would give them the AL East title as well as home field advantage until the World Series. They can still win the division with a loss, but a loss would potentially make things much more complicated for them. The Orioles are playing their last game of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Rays. Baltimore needs a win in this one for a chance at the divisional crown. A loss would give the Yankees the title regardless of what they do against Boston. A Baltimore win combined with a Yankee loss, however, would bring them to a one game tiebreaker for the AL East title. The winner would be the #2 seed in the AL playoffs and would face the Tigers in the ALDS while the loser would battle the loser of the OAK-TEX game in another one game playoff. The new format certainly makes the MLB playoff picture much more confusing this season.

As if two major divisional races weren't enough, Miguel Cabrera also has a very good chance of being the first player since Carl Yastrzemski accomplished this feat in 1967. Cabrera currently leads the American League in all three triple crown categories (BA, HR, RBI), and can only be caught in home runs by Josh Hamilton who trails by just one. If Cabrera can hold on, this would almost certainly grant him the American League MVP honor.

This is certainly a night of baseball no one should miss as it is one of the most important final regular season days in MLB history. The MLB tends to trail behind the NFL in views once the football regular season begins, but this night is all about baseball.

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